MIDI Touch Control for Digitakt

Digitakt Touch is a free MIDI control surface template for TouchOSC app on iOS. My goal is to use this template to prototype free standalone midi controller apps for all my favorite hardware synths! This project is currently available as a free template for touchOSC, an inexpensive midi app that I am not affiliated with. […]

DIY Parts: Resistors

Resistance is the measurement of a material’s property to reduce electrical current flow. The value of resistance is measured in ohms. Resistors come in many different forms so we will be identifying the most common types for diy projects. I have included a variety of these in the attached photo alongside some complimentary parts for […]

Virtual Lab

Uhlectronic.com is now offering live virtual classes for help with your electronic instruments, mods, diy electronics, troubleshooting and repair. I will be adding a list of virtual classes to walk you through popular mods and diy projects for music electronics! $10 / 15 minutes LIVE VIDEO CHAT with screen sharing! Book your virtual workshop now […]

Photo Wah Mod

Light sensors are common in automatic applications like street lights, but here we will be using one to control the volume of a vintage audio device. This mod is a simple sub-circuit that may be used in all sorts of different projects and combinations but first we need to understand these unique electronic parts. Photoresistors […]

Studio Tour

Uhlectronic is operated from a diy home studio located in Dunedin, Florida which is dedicated to the creation of musical instruments and electronic music. All in one room, instruments are prototyped, manufactured and tested in a music studio setting. I would like to share my favorite features of this space for those of you interested […]


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