Digitakt Touch prototype: iOS midi template for TouchOSC

Digitakt Touch is a free MIDI control surface template for TouchOSC app on iOS. My goal is to use this template to prototype free standalone midi controller apps for all my favorite hardware synths! This project is currently available as a free template for touchOSC, an inexpensive midi app that I am not affiliated with. Follow the tutorial to load the free template and check back soon for updates! Thanks for your support!

You will need:

iOS setup:

Download the TouchOSC app and free Digitakt Touch template from the links provided at the end of this article. Add the Digitakt Touch template to your TouchOSC documents folder on iTunes while your iOS device is synced.

My iPhone > File Sharing > TouchOSC > Documents

Use the TouchOSC editor to customize your own midi mapping if you would like. I will update this project with an advanced custom MIDI mapping and CC tutorial soon!

TouchOSC Editor

Make sure your Digitakt is running the latest firmware, then set the USB configuration to USB audio / midi.

USB Configure > USB audio / MIDI

Digitakt Touch uses separate midi channels to control audio tracks one through eight so you will need to set each track to its respective midi channel in settings.

MIDI Channels routing

Connect your iOS device to the Digitakt with a Apple lightning to USB camera adapter and the USB type B cable provided with your Digitakt.

Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (USB type A female)

Once the hardware is connected, activate Core MIDI in the TouchOSC app settings to start a MIDI network.

Core MIDI enabled

Launch the Digitakt Touch template for TouchOSC app from the layout menu and enjoy! Updates coming soon! Please leave feedback for future development! This free educational project is not affiliated with Elektron or TouchOSC, but I am a big fan of both! Thanks for your support! Please message me if you would like to collaborate on this project and future free MIDI apps!



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